Cyber Security Expert Says About the Government's Plan to Create Super Apps

5 August, 2022

Some time ago, the Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo) Johnny G. Plate planned to merge the current 24,400 government-owned applications into one super apps . This application aims to prevent duplication of similar applications from various ministries or agencies.

Regarding this plan, cyber security expert Pratama Persadha said that currently there are too many applications owned by the government. Therefore, this step is an accumulation of various applications and web that are no longer used, but also not turned off.

For example, according to Pratama, there was the case of the Ministry of Health's e-HAC data leak last year, where the e-HAC system was no longer in use, but was not immediately taken down.

"If you look at it today, there are many applications made in government, which are arguably not small in number, and also very sectoral, and between ministry institutions are not well integrated," explained the chairman of the Cyber ??Security Research Institute CISSReC (Communication and Information System Security Research Center) in a statement. official statement received, Monday (18/7/2022).

"Each K/L (Ministry and State Institution) has almost similar applications with different systems so that all data and services are separated. Not to mention the management is sometimes unclear because it is still carried out by vendors," he said.

He further said that this kind of condition can be assumed to occur in many other institutions. If it is calculated in the local government, it is almost certain that there is an unused system, but it is still alive.

This condition certainly creates new threats, such as budget issues, data confusion, and the security of the system itself.

“Systems that are no longer in use will usually be abandoned, not checked regularly, especially if IT HR is very limited in government agencies. So we are not surprised if there are many applications owned by government agencies,” he said.

Moreover, some time ago it was revealed that many gambling sites had infiltrated various government sites. Even though the government site is active, the upload is new, so it can be concluded that there are no periodic checks and this results in gambling sites being able to infiltrate, until they are actively used for transactions.