Security Guard Basic Skills

Security or what we often call security guards is a group of security officers formed by an agency/company/institution with the aim of creating a safe and comfortable work environment. A security guard must understand and know the main tasks, functions and roles in order to be able to carry out their duties properly and correctly. In addition, security must also have a good attitude and behavior in order to make a security guard more qualified and professional. The following are some of the abilities that must be possessed by a security guard.



What is meant by the skills described here, can be interpreted as "a skill of a person to tell about an object, or event, which is the result of observation, which is conveyed in spoken, written or sign language, so that others are clear and understand what he is talking about. delivered"


What is meant by listening skills, namely: a skill possessed by a person to capture or absorb sound/sound by using the sense of the ear carefully and carefully without doubt, so as to be able to convey properly and correctly.


Asking can be interpreted as the ability possessed by someone to ask for information and explanations from someone to get information about what is not known or not understood from that person, so that there is no misunderstanding.


What is meant by summarizing skills here" can be interpreted as someone to shorten stories or talks, information, reports and so on by taking the essence of the discussion, without reducing the meaning and purpose of the discussion.


What is meant by feedback skills are those possessed by someone to convey an understanding that is known from the experiences of others, so that what is conveyed can be used as input and encouragement for that person in the future.


In carrying out the main tasks of security/security guards must be able to carry out the role of protecting, nurturing and serving the community in the work area and for the need for mastery of service capabilities, in every activity carrying out security duties it must be based on devotion, with ethics and manners as well as good speech and friendliness. attitude), always provide guidance, instructions, encouragement and invitations to the community in the environment / work area so as to create a safe, comfortable and peaceful atmosphere, always provide protection so that they are free from fear and free from threats or criminal acts.

As a service capability, it is the ability to understand the expectations and aspirations of the community, security as a security officer in an environment/work area needs to understand the aspirations in general, the same is that the presence of officers in one place will create a safe, peaceful and orderly atmosphere, security officers are expected can prevent the occurrence of non-crimes around the community, and if the community needs assistance, they will immediately get a response from the officers without expecting anything in return.

Thus security is able to know what crime-prone places usually occur in the work area so that they can prevent this from happening and are always ready to help and serve the community around the area, the community must really feel that there is a benefit to the presence of security and this will happen. harmonious relationship which eventually lead to cooperation and mutual assistance voluntarily even though security and order in the environment / work area are the responsibility of security officers in this case security / security guards.

The existence of an understanding of cooperation and assistance from the local community, this will not be realized, with the ability to serve by every security officer in a location will create a conducive and safe situation for the creation of mutual understanding, cooperation with assistance from the community and in turn will allow the establishment of security and order in the community. the work area environment.


Security officers need to master the ability to take action, because in their duties they often face special circumstances, a security guard must be able to take action by using the authority in accordance with the provisions of the security legislation and if necessary taking strong action that is proportional to the threats faced during the problem.

In the case of being caught red-handed, namely the arrest of a person while committing a crime or immediately after the crime was committed, or a moment later it is called for by the crowd as the person who did it, or if a moment later an object is found which is strongly suspected to have been used to commit the crime. criminal act