Opening with Pertamina EP Regional 2 South Jakarta Security Management

3 April, 2024

on Tuesday 2 April 2024 at. 16.40 WIT, a joint breaking fast activity was held with Management Security, Security, ADM, Receptionist together with the Ops Manager of PT Global Arrow (Mr. Deni Hermawan) and the HRD Manager of PT. Global Arrow (Mr. Kurniadi) at the Meeting Room 21.10, 21st floor, Pertamina EP Regional 2 Building, South Jakarta.

The Management Officials present were as follows:
1. Security Assistant for PT Pertamina EP Regional 2 Head Office (Mr. Totok Surata)
2. Sr. Non-Physical Security Analysis (Mr. Budi Sudarjanto)
3. Physical Security Analysis (Mr. Karijanto)
4. Mr. Fajar Umar.

O'clock. 19.30 IWST Joint Breaking Event with Management Security with Management of PT.Global Arrow Completed a safe and conducive situation