23 February, 2024

- Technical briefing meeting (TBM)
- Pray before carrying out the simulation.

Event scenario:
At around 11.06 WIT, a male passenger came out via the manual stairs at entrance E. While climbing the stairs, the passenger suddenly stopped walking, then leaned back and lay down in a limp and unconscious condition.

Action taken:
1. At 11.07 WIB. Entrance officer E An.Ade hidayatulloh saw the incident and approached the victim and immediately contacted SM, Danru and the patrol team.
2. At 11.08 WIB. SM heard the conversation via HT, then Danru informed SM on duty Mr. Harry Okky that there was a fainted person on the manual stairs at entrance E.
3. At 11.09 WIT, entrance officer E An.Ade Hidayatulloh took action A3:
   - Be safe
   - Secure the area
   - Secure the victim
   - Check the victim's consciousness by tapping the shoulder and calling the police officer then checking the victim's vital condition, namely checking the pulse and heartbeat.
  - Officers barricaded the area to give the victim space.
   - An officer from An.
    - Officers divert PNPs leaving/entering via entrance C and the Tapuri lift.
4. At 11.11 WIB. The victim had a weak pulse then Officer An.Ade Hidayatulloh provided first aid by carrying out CPR while waiting for the first aid officer to come to the scene, then the first aid medical officer came with a patrol who helped carry the stretcher.
5. At 11.06 WIB. SM on duty Mr. Harry Okky reported to the OCC via HT regarding the incident of the PNP fainting on the manual stairs of St. DKA.
6. At 11.13 wub SM on duty Mr. Harry contacted AGD 119 to come to DKA
7. At 11.14 WIB. First aid officers carry out CPR in turns with the help of AED. The results of the first examination by medical officers concluded that the PNP had suffered a heart attack.
8. At 11.15 WIT, the first aid medical officer contacted the doctor on duty.
9. At 11.16 WIT, officers checked and secured the victim's belongings to obtain information on the victim's identity.
9. At 11.22 WIB. Pamlu, Danru and BKO TNI and Polri officers secured the nearest laybay ground route for the pickup stop.
10. At 11.25 WIB. Danru informed SM on duty of the victim's identity, then SM reported to the OCC regarding the victim's identity.


Name. : Muhammad Agusman
Ttl. : Bandung 08-12-2002
Address. :jln.Golf Kp.Cirapuhan no.45
Rt/Rw. : 002,/006
Ward. : Ciburial
District: Comenyan
Regency. : West Java
Religion. : Islam
Status. : not married
MOBILE PHONE. : 085719417550

11. At 11.27 WIB. SM asked CRM for help in contacting the victim's family.
12. At 11.41 WIB. Ambulance 119 arrived at St.dka.
13. At 11.42 WIT the victim remained unconscious, officers carried the victim on a stretcher to the ambulance.
13. At 11.44 WIB. An ambulance was dispatched, first aid officers accompanied the victim and was taken to the nearest hospital for further treatment.
14. At 12.05 WIB observation and evaluation.

Simulation complete

Lessons learned:
1. Officers should be more focused and observant in monitoring the movement of PNPs, especially PNPs who are descending manual stairs.
2. Officers must focus on providing the best service and prioritize PNP safety.
3. Quick and alert action is needed when an emergency occurs.
4. Improve coordination in the field.

Simulation objectives:
- Provide guidance regarding procedures for carrying out treatment in cases of heart attacks in the DKA MRT station area.
- Ensure the security and safety of passengers at St.DKA.
- Conduct an assessment of the readiness of staff and facilities in handling heart attack cases at St.DKA.

handling victims while waiting for an ambulance
6. Take the initiative to secure the victim to a safer place
7. PE cannot be heard because it collides with other sounds and HT communication is not optimal
8. Evacuation of victims to pickup is correct
9. It's best to check HT modulation before implementation begins.
10. Updates on the victim's condition every 5 or 10 minutes are not carried out.
11. Area security is not optimal.
12. The victim's jacket was not opened to provide air space.
Lesson learned:
Improvements will be made.

Officers involved in implementing the simulation:
1. Muslihun(Danru)
2. Ayudi (patrol 1)
3. Arip Saepudin (Patrol.2)
4. Arip subiantoro (x-ray mixue).
5. Ade H (entrance E)
6. Jeri Tomas(Middle Concourse)
7. Jordan Eka (entrance C).
8. Agusman (ISS)
9. Mr Gifari (First Aid Officer)

Also attending and knowing:
1. Head of CSS Division Mr. Yogi.
1. St.master Mr.Khair amen
2. St. Head Mr. Nasha Suprapto
   - Mr. Harry Prasetyo
   - Mr. Oscar Haris
   - Tya Adityawati's mother
   - Mrs. Andhini Cornela
   - Mr. Agus Heryanto
4. SSO :
  - Mr. Satrio Pambudi
  - Mrs. Ratna
  - Ibu. Retha
  - Mr. Ilham
  - mother ira utami daughter
6. Mr Habibi (service station)
7. Mr Danto
8. Mr. Andi Suranto (pecialist dep pam mrt)
9. PM GA Mr. Bima Darmanto
10. Chief GA Mr. Wahyu Joni Aji.
11.Chief GA Mr. Dimastri WH
12. BKO police Bripka Willy
13. BKO TNI Kopka. Juwanda.
14. HSE Inspector