EMCL Management Visit Activities

24 May, 2023

1. Carry out postal checks regarding work procedures/post orders that are still valid/applicable, the latest valid post orders were issued on January 12, 2023.

2. Assess the performance of members while on duty.

3. Provide direction to members in charge of:
a. To maintain the best performance until the end of the contract.
b. Maintain health so that when the MCU is carried out, the result that comes out is Fit to Work, not Fit with note, let alone Unfit because if colleagues do not comply with the rules imposed by EMCL, it will result in not being able to continue work at EMCL due to Unfit.
c. Say thank you to security colleagues because all this time they have done a good job so that we get KPI achievements of 100%, 500,000 & 1,000,000 working hours without accidents.

4.Coordinate with EMCL, meet with Mr. Harry K Dianto, Mr. Warto Harin and Mr. Freddy Marpaung. Directions from Mr. Freddy and Mr. Warto to visit Banyu Urip Well Pad C because there is a Drilling activity to ensure that there are no contractors carrying out activities that are not monitored by security members.

5. Conducting a JSA Giat Patrol 2 Review, Adding Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection Activities before carrying out.