Technology is getting more sophisticated, experts remind the public the importance of securing personal data and digital footprints in cyberspace

5 August, 2022

Technology continues to develop. Transactions in the network or online are increasingly popular with the public, what about the security?

A lecturer at Ahmad Dahlan University, Devi Ardiyanti, explained the importance of maintaining personal data when doing activities in the digital world , because there is a fairly large threat due to poor personal data management.

"Recently, several problems have arisen, there are customers who suddenly lose money, this could be due to the copying of personal data on the ATM card and in the end the funds can move to another place," said Devi quoted from ANTARA , Sunday (24/24/2020). 7/2022).

Devi conveyed this in a webinar entitled "Tips for Safe Surfing on the Internet" which was recently organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information together with the National Digital Literacy Movement (GNLD).

Devi said that the protection of personal data has actually been regulated in Law Number 19 of 2016 concerning Amendments to the Electronic Information and Transaction (ITE) Law. However, people still have to be careful in using personal data in cyberspace .

He advised the public to use two-factor password authentication, keep browsers up to date, and not enter personal data on public devices.

Meanwhile, Komunikonten social media observer Hariqo Wibawa Satria said that people need to understand that every activity on the internet will leave traces that can have a good or bad impact.

He also shared tips on managing digital footprints and personal data in cyberspace. The first is using the same name or profile in all accounts, not uploading location information directly on social media, and using available security features.

"Be careful in using conversation applications, either on Whatsapp or in DM (direct messages). Make everything a public conversation and nothing is private there," said Hariqo.

The National Digital Literacy Movement Program is expected to encourage people to use the internet intelligently, positively, creatively, and productively. This time the activity is aimed specifically at communities in Kalimantan and its surroundings.

To take part in the existing activities, the public can access info.literasidigital.id or Siberkreasi social media.