Security Forces in Neighboring Indonesia Take to the Streets to Face the Brutal Actions of Residents

5 August, 2022

A gang wielding machetes chased two victims outside the vote counting center in Port Moresby, Sunday, July 25, 2022. As a result, one person suffered a traumatic brain injury and the other suffered bodily injuries.

Citing VOA , gunshots were heard in several places in the Papua New Guinea capital . Indonesia's neighboring country . More violence is expected.

Residents of Papua New Guinea's capital have been ordered to stay at home. Security forces deployed on the streets Monday (25/7). Facing politically motivated attacks.

After a brutal election-related attack left two people hospitalized.

"The situation remains very unstable at this point," said police commissioner David Manning, as he called for more troops to help his overwhelmed and understaffed force.

"They accepted our request and followed up on our request to increase reinforcements," he said.

Papua New Guinea is nearing the end of a month of violent voting. Some 10,000 police, military and prison personnel have been mobilized to secure the vote. But they had a hard time controlling the situation.

In the last poll in 2017, monitors from the Australian National University documented more than 200 election-related killings and widespread "serious irregularities".

This year, dozens of election-related deaths have been recorded, according to Papua New Guinea police.

Manning advised people to stay home until order was restored. "All I can recommend and advise the residents of Port Moresby is to be careful. If you don't need to be anywhere at this time, please stay indoors and give us a chance to restore the situation."

Prime Minister James Marape is seeking a second term in a vote dominated by local concerns and a patronage system, not party political ideology.

Voting is expected to end on July 29. The results of vote counts in some areas of the country have already begun, but the winners of many parliamentary seats have yet to be announced. (VOA).